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    Welcome to the official website of the Master Warriors of Club Penguin. You have staggered upon one of the most respected armies and largest armies of all time. Our aim is to get YOU to join us, to come to as many events as possible, and dominating Club Penguin Warfare! Another aim of ours is to make sure you have a great time in the Master Warriors and to respect the rules as well as the people around you.We are known as the best chat recruiting army ever, and our fearlessness is not to be tested.So do the right thing and join TODAY!

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    • 438 Master Warriors have visited our website plus 300,000 from our former sites!
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Become a Colony

Welcome to Master Warriors Become a Colony page.Here you can become a colony of MW.Here are the benefits that you will get and what we must get.

What You’ll Get:

  • Master Warriors Full Protection-We’ll Come and Defend For You in Events Whenever You Need Us.
  • Servers Share-We’ll Give You Servers To Train Your Sizes.
  • Advertisement- If we Accept Of Being a Colony,Your Army’s Banner’ll Be Added on Site.

What We Must Get:

  • Servers Share-We’ll Ask You to Give Us Servers.You’ll need to accept Anytime.
  • Help During Important Battles-We may PC You That Your Army must Help Us.You’ll Need to Accept It No Matter What!
  • Advertise-You will need to put Our Banner on your site as we will be putting your banner on our site.

Now to become a colony of MW,Just fill out this simple form:

You are done with the form,Now contact Pingu.Server (954983670) on chat and after it’s a “Yes” your process done!Banner on site!

Note:Please Note that we may not accept of being a colony and we may accept so if we dont accept please dont blame us.




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