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    Welcome to the official website of the Master Warriors of Club Penguin. You have staggered upon one of the most respected armies and largest armies of all time. Our aim is to get YOU to join us, to come to as many events as possible, and dominating Club Penguin Warfare! Another aim of ours is to make sure you have a great time in the Master Warriors and to respect the rules as well as the people around you.We are known as the best chat recruiting army ever, and our fearlessness is not to be tested.So do the right thing and join TODAY!

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    • 438 Master Warriors have visited our website plus 300,000 from our former sites!
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Table of Contents:

  • Government
  • Land
  • Laws
  • Banished, Terrorists to the Dark Warriors
  • Allies/Enemies/Neutral/Colonies

1. Government

The Master Warriors Army are a Full Dictatorship in which the leaders control everything. The leaders may create or abolish any rules they wish and may ban any member of the Army they wish. The typical MW Leadership contains a maximum of three leaders whom only answer to each other. However the Master Warriors also follow a strict hierarchy meaning if no leader is present the next in line of the hierarchy who is present can be given control of the army. The leadership is also allowed to be overthrown should they break a number of the Master Warriors Laws and cause abuse and effect the army negatively in general.

MW Leadership: The MW Leaders are second to none and their word is law, anyone who doesn’t obey the command of a leader or disrespects a leader within reason is liable for whatever punishment the leader may wish to give. They’re the Supreme Commanders on the battlefield and their commands must be followed to the letter.

MW Owners: The soldiers ranking just below the leaders are also allowed to run the army in the absence of leaders at any given time. However these people must also realize that their position is one long sought after and are expected to perform up to standard or they can be demoted or fired altogether at any given time by a leader.

MW Mods: The mod ranking veterans are expected to make sure the chat remains civilized and are expected to dish out the correct punishment to anyone being uncivilized. If a mod disobeys any of the rules or doesn’t perform their duties they can expect to be demoted also.

MW Members: The vast amount of MW Soldiers are expected to follow the rules of the army and to learn how to react to different situations from their superiors. They need to realize they’re the future of MW and need to set a high standard for themselves and the army in general.

2. Land

No servers currently.

Servers Gained From War

No servers gained from war currently.

Chancellors: The position of Chancellor of a Server comes with the responsibility of maintaining the protection and well-being of that server. For example if one were elected to be Chancellor of Frosty, they must check other armies and make sure they aren’t claiming Frosty for their own or be sure that no one is trying to invade Frosty, in which case a Owner must be informed immediately.

3. Laws

  1. No Racism.
  2. No Religious talk.
  3. No Bullying.
  4. No Abusing.
  5. No Hacking.
  6. No Pestering.
  7. No Advertising.
  8. No Disobeying.
  9. Be Civilized.
  10. Keep Order.

4. Banished, Terrorists to the Master Warriors

A terrorist is an individual that poses threat against the Master Warriors. Most of these terrorists have betrayed the Master Warriors during wartime, and gave information to the enemy. These terrorists are forever banished from the Master Warriors. The leaders may not overrule this.

Master Warriors Banished/Terrorists:

1.Bluekid100{Registered name:MechMice123}

5. Allies/Enemies/Neutral/Colonies


Brother Allies









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