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    Welcome to the official website of the Master Warriors of Club Penguin. You have staggered upon one of the most respected armies and largest armies of all time. Our aim is to get YOU to join us, to come to as many events as possible, and dominating Club Penguin Warfare! Another aim of ours is to make sure you have a great time in the Master Warriors and to respect the rules as well as the people around you.We are known as the best chat recruiting army ever, and our fearlessness is not to be tested.So do the right thing and join TODAY!

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    • 438 Master Warriors have visited our website plus 300,000 from our former sites!
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This is the Uniform page, it will show you what clothing to wear when we’re on Club Penguin. If you don’t have all of these items, don’t panic, just simply stick on all of the Blue items you have. As long as you blend in with the rest of the army, it will be acceptable., but if you do have these items, WEAR THEM!

Official MW Members uniform:


Head Item:Blue Viking Helmet
Face Item:Blue Aviators
Neck Item:Blue Cape
Body Item:Blue Football Jersey
Hand Item:Blue Electric Bass
Feet Item:Blue Checkered Shoes


Official MW Non-Members Uniform:


Head Item:Blue Headphones
Neck Item:Laser
Body Item:Blue Crosstached Hoodie *Code:D23EXP11*
Hand Item:Blue Laptop *Code:STAYSAFE*
Feet Item:Anti-Lava Boots


If you have these items, please dress like that, or as close to as possible. This is our image for Club Penguin, it’s what all others will look for when they hear of the Master Warriors.


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